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Enjoy a growing network dedicated to ensuring those who work hard do not miss out on goods and services across the UK that are in high demand. Becoming a member means you can gain access to our monthly perks scheme where you have 7 discount codes for leading brands from the Finance, Events, Clothing, Beauty, Leisure, Dining and Travel / Hospitality industry.


We offer standard and premium membership plans

Please note our standard membership plan gives you full access to ‘THE CLUB‘ whereas premium membership allows you access to both ‘THE CLUB‘ and ‘THE CONSULTANCY‘.


Standard Membership

• Access to the Club and Events
• Personalised DLOW Members Black Card
• Personalised login into our digital Members Club
• Monthly access to our perks scheme
• Access to 7 different discount codes a month
• Discounted access to reputable brands
• Access to beauty, fashion, leisure, events, finance and educational companies
• Ability to attend our quarterly parties at a subsidised price up to 75% off
• Access to our finance careers and education mailing list


Premium Membership

All of the Standard Membership features plus:
• Provision of paid freelance opportunity
• Personal brand representation to established business
• Mentoring and coaching services on winning sponsorship and brand collaborations
• FREE entry to our quarterly parties
• Added to mailing list about PR events and creative industry parties

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